Étude bibliographique des recueils de sermons et de méditations d’André Rivet (1572-1651)

This article offers a bibliographical study of the homiletical works of the celebrated seventeenth-century French pastor and theologian André Rivet (1572-1651). After a short biography, it presents a material and analytical bibliography of the collections of his sermons and meditations published in French during his ministry in the Netherlands. The bibliographical analysis aims to shed light on the composition of each collection, and to present the circumstances leading to their publications. Notwithstanding the somewhat dry nature of the technical analysis, its rigor nevertheless makes it possible to navigate one’s way through Rivet’s homiletical work, to know precisely what subject the sermons treat, and to estimate the educational value of each publication. This article therefore aims to offer the necessary materials for future studies bearing on the preaching of Rivet and of his French co-religionists.