“L’apôtre de l’Algérie” : le pasteur alsacien Jacques Timothée Dürr (1796-1876)

From the time Algiers was captured in 1830, Protestants settled there and founded a Reformed community. Established as a consistory in 1839 by King Louis-Philippe, the community became biconfessional following the establishment of a Lutheran oratory in Dely-Ibrahim. Its first pastor was Jacques Timothée Dürr, from the city of Strasbourg. During the 32 years of his ministry in North Africa, he was extraordinarily active and displayed a remarkable apostolical zeal, travelling throughout the entire country, founding communities, and setting up libraries, schools, and an orphanage. He contributed significantly to the establishment and development of the United Protestant Church in Algeria. Foremost among Algeria’s pastors, he worked tirelessly and became known as “the apostle of Algeria” upon his death at the age of 80.