Martin Luther, hier et aujourd’hui

A century ago it was common both in France and Germany to connect Luther to German identity. Today our emphasis typically goes out to his religious and theological quest, centred as it was around the mercy of God for believing sinners.  Luther redefined the church, founded on Scripture, as the place where Christ is present in Word and sacraments, making all believers into priests serving their neighbour. Luther’s message thus announced a new way to live the old Christian faith. He also had an impact on culture and society, particularly in music and by his empowerment of the individual and the civil authorities. A passionate witness of the gospel of the Scriptures, Luther had his limits as well. Between his time and ours, we have seen confessionalization, Enlightenment, Awakenings, new exegetical methods, and ecumenism, which have all marked Protestantism in their own way. Nevertheless, Luther’s message can still inspire us in our announcement of the gospel message today.