“Moi estant dedans Troyes”. Un témoignage manuscrit du massacre de la Saint-Barthélemy.

In the aftermath of the infamous Saint Bartholomew’s massacre of August 1572 in Paris, communities of Huguenots in at least a dozen French cities suffered acts of violence over the ensuing days and weeks. One of these took place in Troyes in Champagne where some forty Huguenots were taken to the prisons and, on 4 September, were killed in cold blood while some of their fellows died in the streets in the days before. Although the number of victims is comparatively small compared to events elsewhere, due to the survival of local accounts of the massacre we are well informed about those who perished. One of the most important accounts is that of an anonymous eye-witness that has never been published in its entirety. To rectify this oversight, it is presented here with a short introduction and notes providing further information from other archival sources.