L’absolue nécessité de courir le monde de Jean Guidon de Chambelle

In 2003, Dirk Van der Cruysse published a five years travel of a French in the Dutch Indies as “mercenary of VOC”. Although identified, the origin and the social environment of the author remained unknown: Jean Guidon de Chambelle, Parisian protestant, was claiming strong recommendations. Documents, found in different archives, helped to discover the large network of the relatives Jean Guidon de Chambelle was belonging to. His network, with large connections in areas close to the Atlantic coasts, underlined also the key role of Parisian Calvinists in the relationships between the Kingdom of France and the United Provinces or their financial support to the government during the Fronde period. The contextualization of Guidon’s text helped to understand the reason of his departure: pathological player, his family took him away of an environment which trapped him in his addiction. The text construction shows the Calvinist faith of the sieur de Chambelle, used for his return in the circle of his relatives.